By now, you'll have hopefully seen the brand-new Suicide Squad trailer and been suitably blown away.

Amidst all the '80s power rock and Jared Leto's tuxedo choices, we picked out a few interesting points about what David Ayer's crazed vision has in store. One of the most interesting things was there was basically no sense of a plot - or did it?

We've gone through the trailer, frame-by-frame, and made a few wild predictions and speculations as to what exactly's going on. We begin with...

Basically everybody's in prison. The prison, as far as we can tell, Belle Reve Penitentiary, or as Viola Davis' character described it, "I put them in a hole - and then threw away the hole."


That's Captain Boomerang, played by Australian actor Jai Courtney. Boomerang's described as the 'class clown' and will, more than likely, be acting as the comic relief for the film.


Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. That book she's reading, by the way, is a romance novel by Molly O'Keefe. Doesn't tell us a lot, maybe she's a hopeless romantic? Who knows.


Will Smith as Deadshot. Originally, Deadshot worked with Batman in Gotham City before he eventually tried to supplant him and was put in jail by Commissioner Gordon and Batman. Whether that'll be the same here is anyone's guess.


El Diablo, played by Jay Hernandez. His background, in the comics anyway, is pretty bizarre. He takes on the powers of a 19th century vigilante who received his powers from a Native American shaman. As Joel Kinnaman's character describes him, he "burns people." Good enough, we guess.


Solid beard game by Jai Courtney / Captain Boomerang.


One of the interesting things is how basically all of the characters in Suicide Squad are treated like absolute s***. They're regularly beaten, kicked and in this case, strangled by their guards.


This looks like it's Belle Reve and we're guessing they're all fitted with some sort of implant that means they can be killed remotely if they go nuts and decide to go their own way.


That's Jai Courtney / Captain Boomerang, who pops out and then knocks somebody in the face. What a shit. Bit of Count of Monte Cristo reference there, as the titular character was smuggled out of jail in a bag.


Margot Robbie calling the team her "boys", which tells us that Harley Quinn obviously knew who she was locked up with.


That's Cara Delevinge, sans creepy makeup as Enchantress, pawing over Joel Kinnaman's Rick Flag. Flag is the leader of Suicide Squad. In the comic books, he and Karin Grace go on a mission together, however she becomes separated and is found by a shaman who eventually turns into a super-powered witch. Most likely that's how they'll explain the goth outfit she's rocking later in the film.


Another shot (heh) of Deadshot, this time in spiffy red armour.


That's Killer Croc, played by Lost's Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Killer Croc was also a villain of Batman's, but nobody's sure if there'll be a connection there.


Cara Delevingne in full Enchantress gear. There really is a bang of J-horror off her whole persona, which is pretty interesting.


That's Scott Eastwood. As of yet, his role has been left blank. There's been hundred of rumours, with people claiming he's playing Deathstroke or - whisper it - Dick Grayson, the former Robin. Eastwood isn't on the poster, so he's obviously further in the background, but why give him a glimpse on the trailer and why leave his name out of the casting announcements?


That's Adam Beach, who plays a little-known supervillain called Slipknot. Whether he's a part of the Suicide Squad or working for the government is anyone's guess.



Judging by that debris in the background and other photos we've seen, our best guess is it's some sort of huge, man-made creature thing that attacks a city. In the comics, the first mission Suicide Squad was sent up against was an Islamic terrorist organisation called The Jihad. That's probably a bit too close to the bone for their first outing, but it's entirely possible there's cross-over in some shape or form.


Reverse of that scene with Suicide Squad - sans Cara Delevinge and Jared Leto - ready to face off with whatever it is.


Our first look at Jared Leto's Joker, complete with sequin suit and Hot Topic jewellery.


Joker's gang features a one-eyed costumed guy, who some believe is a take on a little-known Marvel character that was, essentially, one giant eye.


Seriously, how many costume changes does Joker have in this? Also, his mouth looks absolutely mingin'.


We know from set-footage that this is the scene where Batman turns up and summarily kicks the s*** out of Joker. It's entirely possible that this whole sequence is a flashback to how Harley Quinn (that's her in the passenger seat) came to end up jail whilst Joker got away.


Another shot of Joker's gang, this time a huge Panda bear dude with a giant rifle. Pretty cool.


That's Katana, played by Karen Fukuhara in her first credited role. Karen is a martial arts champion and also worked on numerous TV shows in Japan.


Looking at this, we're guessing this is Harley Quinn's transformation scene. It's eerily reminiscent of The Joker's transformation scene in the 1989 Batman film with Jack Nicholson. Note also the fact that the blue and pink colours swirling around are in her hair throughout most of the images we've seen. This, we think, tells us that the film flashes back and forward to how each character came to be in prison.


That's costume change No.3 for Jared Leto's Joker. This one looks a bit more like The Joker we know. There's also a little tinge of Bowie from the hair and jawline, as well.


So, this appears to be what's causing all the damage from the previous scenes. Our best guess is that it's Enchantress who's doing all the damage, probably because she's gone crazy for whatever reason. Our thinking is that Joker uses all the chaos caused by her to do his own thing, which is why Harley Quinn is brought along as well. It's as good a theory as we can come up with, especially since the trailer gave us nothing in terms of plot - which, to be honest, is no bad thing. Too often, trailers like these give away the entire plot and leaves you in no mystery as to what happens.


Harley Quinn summing it all up in one go. "We're bad guys, it's what we do."


So, thoughts? Overall, it's a very strong trailer. It really does like Margot Robbie's out to steal the show, especially considering Will Smith said pretty much nothing throughout the trailer. There'll very likely be another trailer between now and August when the film's released, but in the meantime, this definitely has piqued our interest.

What about you? What did you make of the trailer? Let us know in the comments!