As you may have seen over the weekend, the first full trailer for Just League landed online and the reaction so far has been reasonably positive.

Zack Snyder is definitely moving it away from the glum and grim tone of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice into something a bit more upbeat and entertaining. That "I'm rich..." line is pretty great, to be honest. Here's the trailer, anyway.

In the space of three minutes, there was a lot packed in - so we've gone out and done you a friggin' service and hyper-analysed the trailer.

Take a look.


So this is obviously where Aquman is hanging out. That ComicCon trailer we saw earlier in the year is likely the next scene after, where Bruce Wayne talks about the "King Tide" and so on.


That's Dr. Silas Stone, played by Joe Morton. Remember Dyson from Terminator 2: Judgement Day? That's him. He plays Cyborg's father and he used one of the Mother Boxes to help with the reconstruction of his son following a near-fatal accident.


That's one of the Mother Boxes. They're basically intergalactic supercomputers that act as a wormhole to far off places, and how Cyborg came into being.


There's Aquaman / Arthur Curry, saving some poor chap's life.


Is it just us or does the side of that cop car say Metropolis?


There's our first glory shot of Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher.


That's Barry Allen's hideout, which we saw in the ComicCon trailer.


Glory shot of Barry Allen as The Flash. That's gonna look insane in 3D IMAX, in fairness.


Batman swinging in and tackling what looks like a Parademon. Remember the nightmare sequence in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? That's those guys again.


Another shot of a Parademon and that looks like some sort of landing craft or something, which comes up later.


Aquaman using the Trident of Neptune on a Parademon.


Is that a Batman 1989 callback?!


Another shot of The Flash's suit and a Parademon.


Don't be in the least bit surprised if there's a Dick Grayson / Robin joke about Barry Allen here.


There's Bats in what looks like some sort of cockpit.


That doesn't really look like the Batwing to us, especially considering we already saw it in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Is it a walker-type thing or something? Hard to say.


That's Ray Fisher pre-Cyborgification, and that's GCU behind him - so we're guessing it's Gotham City University.


Amy Adams there as Lois Lane, which confirms our early suspicion that there's a part of this film set in Metropolis. Will Superman return in Justice League?


That's Amber Heard, who plays Mera. In the comics, she's Aquaman's wife so we're guessing it's a similar enough relationship here. Given the genetics of Amber Heard and Jason Momoa, any child that were birthed from their union would likely become supreme ruler of the galaxy. Best keep them away from each other.


Billy Crudup - who's a really underrated actor and doesn't get half the credit he deserves, to be honest - plays Henry Allen, the father of Barry Allen. Our guess is this is just an extended cameo, setting up for The Flash's standalone movie.


Big CGI battle sequence here. Our guess is that Wonder Woman's gathered up the Amazonians to fight against the Parademons.


Nite-Owl - sorry - Batman here with, uh, goggles. Don't mention Nite-Owl from Watchmen.


More shots of the Parademons on the Batmobile. And that's Wonder Woman flying in to swat them away.


Very cool shot of The Flash here.


There's a real HR Giger feel to the design in the background there, and it's most likely something an interior of the earlier shot with Batman fighting off Parademons.




There was no way Jason Momoa was getting into the pub with that thing.


Roof-top meeting of Justice League or Cosplayers Anonymous? You decide.


Friends helping friends - the Justice League way.


So, thoughts on the trailer overall? As we said before, it's definitely a lot more lighter and entertaining than what we've seen before. Obviously, the course correction is because of the backlash against Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad - so it'll be interesting to see how it plays out.

Even though this is meant to be a trailer, it does pack A LOT in and that'll probably feature into the film itself. There's no word yet on running time, but you can imagine it's going to be pretty lengthy fit all of this in.