The very first footage for Avengers: Infinity War debuted online yesterday to some pretty ecstatic reactions across social media, but we're here for one thing - hyper-analysis.

Like we do for every major trailer, we're doing our patented Trailer Breakdown™ and we've got some wild theories and ridiculous guesses about what's involved. Obviously, if you don't want to know any spoilers and you're trying to go in cold to Infinity War, better look away now because we're going deep.

So, here's the trailer, to begin with...

And we kick off with...


Right there, you know that the scale of this thing is going to be YUGE and most definitely incorporate everything. The callback to the first Avengers with Fury's speech is a nice touch, and really sells the idea that this is a film years in the making.


Our guess is this is somewhere towards the end of the first film, showcasing the sheer destruction that Thanos is able to bring down on everyone - even the Avengers.


There's Dr. Bruce Banner smashing through New York's Sanctum Sanctorum where Dr. Strange and Wong are hanging out. As we saw in Thor: Ragnarok, Strange controls the portals to other worlds and dimensions and our guess is Hulk / Banner appears through one of them and has some kind of fight scene with Wong and Strange.


One of the most interesting strands in Civil War was the burgeoning relationship between Scarlet Witch (Olson) and Vision (Bettany), which we're guessing comes to fruition here in Infinity War. It's also kind of weird seeing Bettany without a layer of red facepaint on him too.


This just gives us an idea of how YUGE the galaxy is and where exactly our heroes fit into it all. Each one of those circles is a world that's either about to be destroyed by Thanos or will be destroyed if he gets his way.


That's Banner / Hulk standing next to the Hulkbuster Armour from Avengers: Age Of Ultron and that verdant and technologically-advanced background you see is Wakanda, which was introduced at the very end of Civil War and will play a big part in Black Panther because, well, Black Panther is the King of Wakanda.


Who's Banner looking at? Why it's none other than Black Widow herself. Why's her hair blonde and not, y'know, red and stuff? Nobody knows. She is a super-spy, after all, so maybe she had to get a dye and a cut for some mission - or it could be that it's a good look and it suits her. The long hair didn't seem all that manageable.


So, there's Wong, Strange, Banner and Stark all in New York's Sanctum Sanctorum and evidently looking at something big coming out of one of the portals there. Our guess? It's either the Skrull or Thanos, but it's definitely something that's got Banner - and he's The Hulk, remember - looking pretty scared.

Look, it's our first look at Spidey Sense! And it's just hairs standing up! Remember in Sam Raimi's one where there was a whole visual flourish for it? That was pretty cool, but sure, Tom Holland's arm-hair works too. Our guess is that circular thing is some kind of mobile portal thing that allows Thanos' army to enter at random. Twenty quid somebody refers to it as a bagel or a donut.


Whatever it does, whether it's a portal or not, it's causing damage and it's clearly intent on destroying parts of New York again.


When we last saw Loki, he and Thor were taking the people of Asgard to Earth to hide them there following the destruction brought about by Hela and Surtur. If anyone stayed in their seats for Thor: Ragnarok, they'd have seen that their ship was intercepted by a gigantic cruiser. That cruiser belonged to Thanos (this was confirmed by Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige) and our guess they're attacked, Thor is separated from everyone along with Hulk and Loki, in a bid to save his people and himself, offers Thanos the Tesseract to stop him killing any more. Again, we're extrapolating - but seems likely.


And here's our first look at Thanos, played by Josh Brolin. Just how crazy / scary is Thanos? Enough that he gets the second half of the trailer's soundtrack all to himself, basically. Thanos showed up in the very first Avengers movie in 2012 and Brolin was announced as Thanos in 2014 at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, so it's been a long time coming. James Gunn had initially planned for Thanos to play a much larger role in Guardians of the Galaxy, however Joss Whedon - who was still involved with Marvel at this stage - believed the character was too important and too grand to be introduced as a side-vehicle, and needed to be "threaded more carefully." So, yeah, he's a big deal.


There's our first look at Spider-Man's upgraded suit. Truthfully? Not a fan. Prefer the original from Spider-Man: Homecoming and Civil War, to be honest.


Thor doing some arm and chest work there with what we're guessing is some kind of portal thingy. Good form, bro.


One thing that'll be introduced in Infinity War is the Black Order, which is essentially Thanos' own version of the Avengers - a group of super-powered villains who Thanos has bent to his own will. Those on-set photos you saw earlier this year of our own Tom Vaughn-Lawlor in a mo-cap suit were the first confirmation we had. Vaughn-Lawlor plays Ebony Maw, but that character you see hurling a stick at someone is Proxima Midnight. No word yet on who's playing her.


As we said earlier, there's probably going to be a major setpiece set in Wakanda, so it obviously makes sense for Black Panther to feature in it. We also get our first look at a bearded Captain America and, quite honestly, also not a fan. He's supposed to be the clean-cut, all-American hero - he can't look like he's hanging out in a smoking section of a hipster bar asking if you've heard of his band. He's Captain America, like.


Like we said, there's definitely going to be a major setpiece set in Wakanda and why the Hulkbuster is back in action. Also in the background beside Captain Beardyface is Okoye, who is the head of the Dora Milaje, Wakanda's elite all-female special forces unit. Okoye's played by Walking Dead alum Danai Guirara. The big alien thing that Black Panther is fighting, however, we don't know what that is. Answers on a postcard, folks.


Spider-Man getting his ass kicked. Vision getting his head ripped open and, yes, Thanos with his Infinity Gauntlet. As we reported yesterday, Marvel headhoncho Kevin Feige has said that Infinity War is almost definitely going to have a bodycount and that's going to include some big names. Right there, you can see it's Vision - primarily because the source of his power is an Infinity Stone - which is what Thanos is after. The blue is the Tesseract, which we saw earlier, and our guess is the purple one is the one from Guardians Of The Galaxy?


Hey kids, it's Sebastian Stan as The Winter Soldier! (polite applause)


At the end of Civil War, Captain America hid Bucky / Winter Soldier in Wakanda and basically froze him while they worked on a way to remove HYDRA's brainwashing. Our guess it's fixed, 'cos that's him in the background next to Captain Beardyface.


The rush to the Main Stage at Electric Picnic for Run The Jewels was pretty intense.


So, from left to right, that's Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Captain America / Beardyface, The Hulk, Okoye, Falcon up top, and Black Panther. Note the shield thingys that Captain Beardyface has instead of a shield. Also note the fact that the star is covered up in muck. Also, y'know, lots of extras behind them.


Not sure about that font, to be honest. But wait...




So, as you can see, there's lots going on here - and there's every possibility that this film could be one big, gigantic mess. On the other hand, you've got the Russo Brothers working behind the camera here and Civil War managed to balance a number of plates spinning and make it look pretty easy while doing it. They've got their hands full here; trying to bring together twenty-odd films and about the same amount of characters and make it entertaining as well.

Thoughts? Observations on the trailer? Did it give too much away? What about Star-Lord's moustache? How about Captain America's beard? Let us know!