As Making A Murderer's second season is apparently underway, there's been talk already of a potential Hollywood remake of the series.

After all, the series is like something pulled from the pages of a John Grisham novel and has all the hallmarks of a courtroom thriller. So, who could be potentially cast in the eventual film spin-off?

We've got a few ideas of our own.


STEVEN AVERY - Joel Edgerton

We're big fans of the Australian actor and his performance in The Gift makes him a very solid choice to play Steven Avery. Get him to grow out the beard and add on some weight for the later years and you're good to go.



Although people may know Brie from Community and, to some extent, Mad Men, Alison Brie has done a number of dramatic roles in the past that could easily slot her into a film such as this.



Paul Dano's made a career out of playing unhinged, twitchy characters. Just look at his work in There Will Be Blood or Little Miss Sunshine and you can see he'd be perfect as Brendan Dassey.


JAMES LENK - Michael Hogan

Fans of Battlestar Galactica and those who've watched the second season of Fargo will know Hogan as a gruffly-spoken, hard-ass of an actor. Get him to work on that accent and he's Lt. James Lenk to a tee.


KEN KRATZ - Alfred Molina

Alfred Molina recently starred in the HBO miniseries Show Me A Hero, where he starred alongside Oscar Isaac and Winona Ryder. In that series, Molina played an oily politician who was capitalising on a volatile situation for his own personal gain. Prosecution lawyer Ken Kratz was heavily criticised for his ethically-questionable methods following the series' release, just like the character Molina played in Show Me A Hero. Really though, check out that series because it's great.


DEAN STRANG - Kyle Chandler

The physical similarities aside, Kyle Chandler and Dean Strang have both been leaders in a tough environment. Anybody who's watched Friday Night Lights will tell you that nobody messes with Coach Taylor and nobody messes with Dean Strang, Attorney-At-Law.


JERRY BUTING - Patrick Wilson

Another Fargo Season 2 alum, Patrick Wilson has the same level of gravitas and persona that Jerry Buting has. Shave back the head a bit and get him into a '90s power-suit and you've got Jerry Buting. Pair him up with Kyle Chandler's Dean Strang and you've got the legal powerhouse that is Strang and Buting.


ALAN AVERY - Stacy Keach

Stacy Keach has played gruff, angry characters with a heart of gold quite often. As well as this, there truly is a similarity between Avery's father and the 74-year old actor. Not only that, Keach himself has been in trouble with the law. Keach served six months in a British prison during the '80s for possession of cocaine.



One of the central characters during the trial, Judge Willis was often seen rejecting various motions made by Strang and Buting, not to mention preventing them from presenting any other evidence that there were any other suspects in the Halbach case. In short, we all had a dull hatred for Willis. Who could play to that? Paul Giamatti, of course.