In a move that really showcases Hollywood's current obsession with reboots, Joel Silver has been revealed to be nurturing a Lethal Weapon remake.

The original writer of the franchise, Shane Black, wrote a spec script for a fifth film last year and brought it to both Warner Bros. They loved it - as did Silver - so it was sent out to Mel Gibson and Danny Glover for consideration with the note that Black would be directing if it got made - not Richard Donner. Donner wasn't happy, and Gibson refused to take part, deciding to leave the shite fourth film as his farewell to the series. Then, well, Gibson fell from a personal shit storm into a sewer, and was essentially black-listed in Hollywood. Hence this talk of a reboot penned by newcomer, Will Beall, who are saying wrote the script for the soon to be made Gangster Squad - which attracted serious directing talent when circulated.

Of course if a top drawer director comes on board (or Black who directed the brilliant Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), then it could be a really good action movie. Just with instant character and brand recognition from possible audiences - which is what the studios want.