It appears that Richard Donner has scuppered any chance of another Lethal Weapon film, after Moviehole quoted a source saying: "that one is as good as dead. It won't happen. Which is a pity" but added that Shane Black's screenplay was "fabulous" and "a much better send off than Number 4." This is really annoying. I have a lot of respect for Richard Donner, but the last film was about a million miles away from the tone and visceral violence of the first; Black had obviously brought some of that back, and had pretty much everyone on board, with the exception of Gibson, who was reportedly mulling over reprising his role of Martin Riggs. Anyhow, this just means that we won't get another film by Shane Black for a while, which is more infuriating than anything else; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of the most entertaining films of the past few years, and Black needs to get back behind a camera pronto.