It's another go around for Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio as the two are joining forces reuniting for a particularly dark horror story.

Leonardo DiCaprio is understood to be playing Dr. H. H. Holmes, one of the first documented serial killers in American history who confessed to 27 murders and is believed to have killed over 200.

H.H. Holmes was involved in the 1913 World's Fair and essentially murdered people in his so-called 'Castle' to claim on their life insurance policies. It's all very morbidly fascinating and Erik Larson's book, The Devil In The White City, is the basis for the film.

DiCaprio bought the rights back in 2010, however the film rights sparked a huge bidding war between Universal, Fox and Paramount with the latter winning out in the end.

Scorsese's no stranger to horror, having directed the gothic Shutter Island and the rebooted classic Cape Fear. DiCaprio, meanwhile, has been lying low since Wolf of Wall Street - unless you count that daft rumour that he's playing Tony Montana in the Scarface remake.

Meanwhile, Billy Ray, who wrote the screenplay for Captain Phillips, Shattered Glass, the first Hunger Games and directed / wrote the upcoming US remake of The Secret In Their Eyes. This'll be his first time working with Scorsese, so here's hoping he doesn't mess it up.

So, thoughts? Scorsese is to DiCaprio what DeNiro was to Scorsese back in the '70s - a frequent collaborator and, essentially, a creative muse for one another. If it's true that DiCaprio is playing H.H. Holmes, it's quite unlikely he'll snag himself an Oscar.

The last time a horror film won big at the Oscars was for Silence Of The Lambs, with Hopkins bagging himself one for Hannibal Lecter. Don't misunderstand us - we think this is going to be a brilliant film and we're pretty sure DiCaprio is going to knock it out of the park - but an Oscar for playing America's first serial killer?

Not a hope. The Academy wouldn't dare. If, however, we find this article after Devil In The White City sweeps the boards and DiCaprio wins an Oscar at the 2017 ceremony, please be gentle.



Via Deadline