Anyone who saw Wolf of Wall Street will know that basically none of the characters are any way redeemable or nice.

While Jordan Belfort actually starred in the film - he's the guy who introduces 'himself' at the end of the film - others involved in the story weren't so lucky. In fact, one particular person in the story is actually suing the producers of Wolf of Wall Street for malicious libel for $15,000,000.

Andrew Greene, who was a childhood friend and former colleague of Jordan Belfort, claims that a particular character in the film was modelled after him. The character in question was Rugrat, the guy with the hairpiece. This guy, right here.

The film shows 'Rugrat' - whom Greene contends was based upon him - snorting cocaine and repeatedly mocks his hairpiece. In fact, the suit Greene has filed alleges that "scenes concerning Mr Greene were false, defamatory, and fundamentally injurious to Mr Greene’s professional reputation, both as an attorney and as an investment banker/venture capitalist, as well as his personal reputation."

Judge Steven Locke has now ordered Leonardo DiCaprio to be deposed by Greene's lawyers, joining both Martin Scorsese and Terence Winter who are both due to be deposed as part of the case. Greene is seeking $15,000,000 in damages.


Via Guardian