There was a whole heap of news after The Golden Globes, mostly do to with Ricky Gervais ripping the piss out of celebrities and Jennifer Lawrence giving a non-English speaking reporter shit for being on his phone.

But Leonardo DiCaprio was always going to grab headlines - some because of his superb work and win for The Revenant, and others for what type of face he'd made if he won or lost. 

Hey, that's what it's like to be a superstar. 

So he's responded to the vine that's gone a little nuts, and was naturally surprised it was trending when he was quizzed back stage (about his face as Lady Gaga walked by to collect her gong).

"“I just didn’t know what was passing me - that’s all!”

Simple answer to a hilarious clip.

Also, if he doesn't win the Oscar this year we're getting the pitchforks and heading to LA.