Lenny Abrahamson has the kind of momentum that a couple of back to back critical darlings will give you at the moment. What Richard Did garnered solid business and was pretty much universally praised, while Frank attracted absolute raves at Sundance.

But Abrahamson isn’t waiting for Frank to come out to set up work on his next film, Room, which sounds pretty dark.

According to Deadline Emma Donoghue has adapted the script from her own 2010 bestseller which was reportedly partially inspired by the 2008 case of Austrian woman Elisabeth Fritzl, who was held captive by her father, Joseph Fritzl for years and raised her son in a solitary room - hence the title.

The film is being produced once again by the prolific Element Pictures and Brie Larson, who you may recognise from 21 Jump Street and Community, has signed on for the lead role.

Frank is released in Irish cinemas on May 9th and we can’t wait to see it.