Michal and Karina fall head over heels in love during their summer holiday in Spain. Under the warm sun-soaked vineyards in the ecstasy of their thrilling new romance, everything feels carefree and innocent. But when Michal (Jakub Gierszal) has a threatening encounter with an unsavoury property owner while scuba diving, an impulsive act leads to a devastating turn.

Michal covers up what happened and suddenly returns to Poland without telling Karina (Magdalena Berus) the truth. Soon Karina also has something she keeps from Michal. With their secrets looming over them, their once-unbridled affection begins slipping through their hands, and their bright, innocent faces turn dark with worry.

With an immersive touch, Jacek Borcuch (All that I Love, JDIFF 2010) effortlessly captures the couple’s youthful spirit and rapture, amplifying the weight of the emotionally sobering drama that ensues. Lasting is an exploration of that rare species of love that can endure life’s pitfalls, and a terrifying reminder that one fateful minute can upend everything.

Sundance Film Festival

Winner, Cinematography Award, Sundance Film Festival