John Krasinski and Greta Gerwig have been added to Time's 100 Most Influential People of 2017, with Steven Spielberg writing the blurb for Gerwig and Chris Pratt doing the same for Krasinski.

Spielberg's piece discusses a meeting with Gerwig during the Oscar luncheon for Lady Bird, describing how Gerwig's "hands flutter up—a pitcher’s wild windup, subverting any indication of the precision and effectiveness of what she’s about to fire back. And for a few stunning seconds, her elder becomes her student." He goes on, describing the "poetry of Greta Gerwig’s filmmaking is that breeze I cannot wait to feel again," and talks about Lady Bird's set and "her gift to us in whatever she takes on next."

Chris Pratt, meanwhile, opens by slagging John Krasinski for liking the New England Patriots, but added that "nobody's perfect." He went on, discussing A Quiet Place's commercial and critical success and finished by saying that "(the) world will continue to see amazing things from my buddy John."

You can read both pieces here (Gerwig) and here (Krasinski).


Via Time