It may not have been awarded Best Picture last night after that Oscars fiasco, but there's plenty more to come from La La Land down the line as it's set to be turned into a West End/Broadway musical.

But sure, we all saw that coming, didn't we?

An adaptation for theatre is apparently already in the works, with West End and Broadway producer Sonia Friedman telling The Sun: "I would love to produce it, but I know who's going to produce it and it won't be me.

"Of course it will happen. It's made for the stage and it will happen. But I'm sure the rights have already gone somewhere else."

Producer Jordan Horowitz also said recently: "I don't necessarily know what the stage musical looks like.

"I think we'll write more songs and there will be work to do. We will have to figure out what about the story we want to keep."

No doubt it will be one hell of a show whatever they decide to do with it.