When directors are editing together a key scene, it's not uncommon for them to base some of their cuts on a particular song.

For example, the beginning of the infamous train chase in The French Connection was cut specifically to Carlos Santana's Black Magic Woman, whilst there's been rumours for years that Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon synchs up perfectly to the Wizard Of Oz.

Other times, it's just a case of a scene working with just about any music imaginable. So it goes that the fight sequence in the Last Jedi where Rey and Kylo Ren fight the Praetorian Guards goes with just about any piece of music you can think of.

Literally. We're talking '70s yacht rock like Toto or Fleetwood Mac...

To more modern stuff like Dua Lipa or Britney Spears...

It even works with Abba and the soundtrack to Dirty Dancing.

Our personal favourite? Kung Fu Fighting, by one-hit wonder Carl Douglas.

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