Much has made of Kubrick’s innovative use of cameras and lighting, especially in his masterpiece, Barry Lyndon (celebrated in a special screening this year with Ryan O’Neal – see p.25 for details). Prone to dismantling and rebuilding cameras (not to mention the legendary NASA lenses used for the ultra-low-light candlelit scene in Barry Lyndon), Kubrick was very much an innovator
and a perfectionist. We warmly invite you to join our accomplished panel of experts and Kubrick collaborators: Doug Milsome (A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Barry Lyndon, Full Metal Jacket), Luke Quigley (Barry Lyndon) and the BAFTA Award-winning Joe Dunton (Eyes Wide Shut). Hosted by the Irish Society of Cinematographers, this panel is a must not only for aspiring camera practitioners but for film fans and enthusiasts of Kubrick’s cinematic legacy.