Ugh. I thought Breaking Dawn Part 2 would be the last in the Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson on-screen awkwardness fest. But no, apparently not. Reports suggest the on again off again couple are both interested in remaking The Sandpiper, which originally starred Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor (who were also in a relationship at the time). The IMDB blurb on the 1965 flick goes a little like this: "Free-spirited, young, unwed mother seduces a Episcopalian priest. Lots of pretty beach/ocean scenery."

Well Stewart as a seducer isn't exactly a wild stretch of the imagination. But Pattinson as an Episcopalian priest frolicking along the beach? We're not so sure.

While we thought Pattinson would be keen to move away from Stewart, at least professionally, to let the gossip mills die down, it seems they've both expressed an interest in collaborating again.