Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts’s debut feature The Kings of Summer may have been hailed with critical acclaim and awards but he hasn’t had as much luck with his latest, monster movie Kong: Skull Island.

The movie starred Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson and did well in the box office, in spite of receiving mixed reviews. One body that did not approve of the film was Cinema Sins.

The Youtube series picks movies apart scene by scene and even shot for shot, picking out its flaws for comedic effect.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts gave his own tweet by tweet response to the video, which was posted yesterday.

Roberts began by praising those behind the film, after which he mocked Cinema Sins and responded directly to a number of the points made by the video:



















It’s fair enough to be annoyed, and he has every right to express so, but maybe the comparison to Trump went a little far?

Cinema Sins seemed to have a sense of humour about it anyway:


You can watch the Cinema Sins take on Kong: Skull Island here: 



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