However you might feel about 'The Last Jedi', you only need to look at the likes of 'Looper' or 'Brick' to know that Rian Johnson is able to weave an intricate story together with a kind of deftness that's missing nowadays.

'Knives Out' has been garnering a huge amount of interest owing to the fact that basically half of all working actors today have been cast in it. For example, you've got Chris Evans fresh out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer, Jamie Lee-Curtis, Michael Shannon and 'Sorry To Bother You' breakout Lakeith Stanfield in there.

That's not even the half of the casting madness is, either. There's also Christopher Plummer, 'Blade Runner 2049' star Ana De Armas, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, Katherine Langford and who knows who else who's going to turn up in some weird cameo or two, as well.

Why the huge cast? In simple terms, it's in keeping with the genre. As described in the official synopsis, 'Knives Out' is a love-letter to the likes of Agatha Christie, where the dysfunctional family of a renowned crime author have gathered on his 85th birthday, only to be party to an investigation into his sudden death.

Given that this is Chris Evans' first movie post-Marvel and Rian Johnson's movie between 'The Last Jedi' and his eventual 'Star Wars' trilogy, the feeling is that it's going to be weird and different from anything they've done before or since.

'Knives Out' hits Irish cinemas on November 29th.