Last year's Kingsman: The Secret Service became a runaway success, thanks in part to the stunt-casting of Colin Firth as an all-out action hero and newcomer Taron Egerton's strong performance as Eggsy.

No surprises, of course, but a sequel was put on the fast-track almost straight away thanks to the critical and commercial success.  Director Matthew Vaughn has already intimated that he'd like to return to direct the sequel, but there's little word on who else will be back.

As we know, (SPOILERS) Colin Firth won't be back and nor will Samuel L. Jackson, but it's more than likely than Taron Egerton will be back as this is essentially his franchise now.

If Kingsman is going to succeed as a franchise, Vaughn needs to stay active with it as Kick-Ass went by the wayside when it was passed off to a sub-par director by the name of Jeff Wadlow. His previous directorial credit before Kick-Ass 2 was ultra-cheese MMA drama Never Back Down. Exactly.

So, thoughts? Kingsman: The Secret Service was a serviceable romp that worked because everyone was freaked out by Colin Firth stabbing everyone in that church scene. If they keep the heavy violence up and get another noted thesp to push themselves beyond their comfort zone, we should be fine.

Kingsman 2 is slated for June 16, 2017 in the US, so it's reasonable to assume we'll have a week or two before them.

So, what do you think? Do you want to see another Kingsman movie? Let us know in the comments!