Kick Ass star Aaron Johnson has reportedly been offered two extremely high profile roles.

According to, Johnson could be working with Oliver Stone on Savages, and starring opposite Jude Law and Keira Knightley in Joe Wright's period flick, Anna Karenina. Savages is about two best friend pot growers who share a gorgeous lady and are so good at their job that a Mexican drug cartel has kidnapped her and will kill her if the growers don't go to work for them. Jennifer Lawrence is being sought for the girlfriend part. In 'Karenina,' Knightley would play a 19th century Russian woman trapped in a loveless marriage who becomes a social outcast when she has an affair with the aristocrat Count Vronsky - thought to be the proposed Johnson role.

He was great in Kick Ass - that's all I've really seen him in. I interviewed him for that movie and he was strangely evasive for such a young actor.