A sequel to the brilliant 2010 action comedy, Kick Ass, has officially been green-lit by Universal Pictures, says Deadline.com.

The original film was strongly hyped and received a series of extremely positive reviews, but was seen as an underperformer during its theatrical release at the box-office - grossing just over $100 million worldwide. Granted, the budget was less than $30 million, but it's still somewhat of an oddity that such a cracking, overtly crowd-pleasing film didn’t take in more coin. Anyhow, original director, Matthew Vaughn, is busy prepping the sequel to X-Men: First Class, so scripting and helming duties have been passed over to one Jeff Wadlow. If you haven’t heard of the young shooter, it's probably because his two movies thus far are the god awful Cry Wolf, and the sporadically fun (but little seen) MMA movie, Never Back Down. Naturally fan boys are upset with his hiring, but Vaughn apparently handpicked him to take over.

All of the main cast, most specifically Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz Plasse and Chloe Moretz are set to return. Given the cult following it has garnered on DVD since, I'd expect this to be a bigger grosser than the original.