He's already had a go at Lex Luthor, but now it seems Kevin Spacey wants a crack at being a Bond villain. He's clearly got a taste for the evils, having not only gone to the dark side in 2006's Superman Returns, but also playing the maniacal sociopath superior to Jason Bateman in last years Horrible Bosses. And according to the Evening Standard, he's been winking and nudging pretty hard that he wants Skyfall director and buddy Sam Mendes to make him the next big bad in the Bond series, with Mendes saying he'd happily stay on board the Bond train after the record-breaking success of the latest 007 caper.

“I would hope the Broccolis agree and that Sam is going to do the next one. That would be a lot of fun. I adore him. I had some of the most seminal experiences of my career with him, both a decade ago with American Beauty and last year with Richard III.", quoth the current artistic director of the Old Vic. “It would be sublime to work with him again."

Sublime or not, we reckon Spacey could be spot on as Bond villain. With a string of sadistic roles under his belt, he's perfectly capable of toeing the line between camp and cruel that a Bond villain requires, and with Mendes' involvement it could be a thing of greatness.

What do you think?