What's this? Kevin Spacey is tipped to play Irish ex-billionaire Sean Quinn in a movie? As flattered as we are that an actor of Spacey's callibre would choose to partake in the bringing of the Irish banking shitstorm to the big screen, we can't help but think back to his cringeworthy tura lura lura accent in Ordinary Decent Criminal where he portrayed notorious gangster Martin Cahill; another glowing example of an Oirish accent gone wrong.

And whaddaya know? The Sean Quinn flick would be produced by the same folk behind the aforementioned Ordinary Decent Criminal - James Mitchell (of Soho Moon Productions), with the Emmy award-winning Ron Hutchinson working on the script. As per various sources, Mitchell has given the go ahead for a screen adaptation on this billionaire to bankruptcy tale. Aside from Spacey who's already been touted for the role of the Fermanagh banker, Gerard McSorley's name has also been thrown into the mix.

Filming is set to begin next year.

Is Spacey the right man for the role? Who else do you think would do a good fat-cat impression? All suggestions welcome.