Fresh allegations have been made against the actor.

According to the complaint filed in Los Angeles on Thursday, the accuser claims he was hired as a massage therapist by someone acting on Spacey’s behalf. When he arrived at the Malibu residence where Spacey was staying, the man alleges that Spacey led him into the massage room and locked the door behind them. He says that Spacey complained of “having some pain or discomfort in his groin area,” and that he was forced to touch Spacey’s genitals at two points during the session.

In 2016 Spacey was accused of sexual abuse by actor Anthony Rapp when he 14 years old. He’s also under investigation for separate incidents in the UK.

Earlier this week Judi Dench defended the actor and hit out at his removal from Ridley Scott’s ‘All the Money in the World.’ The pair worked together on ‘The Shipping News’ in 2001 and have been friends ever since.

In recent years Spacey was best known for his portrayal of fictional American Congressman Francis J. Underwood and his rise to power. Spacey was fired in October 2017 and Netflix announced that the sixth series, with Robin Wright in the lead, would be its last. The first trailer dropped this week.

Via: Variety