Kevin Smith is to follow up Zack and Miri Make a Porno with A Couple of Dicks. The comedy will star Bruce Willis and 30 Rock regular Tracey Morgan, and will be the first film Smith will direct from someone else's script. The talented, shamelessly self-promoting press-whore has so far made most of his films under Harvey Weinstein, first at Miramax, and then at The Weinstein Company; but this one is in development at Warner Bros. His last film was the very funny 'Miri' which didn't do the coin that most were expecting - given the presence of stellar box office attraction Seth Rogen - despite solid reviews, and a cracking supporting cast. I think Smith is a very smart writer, a decent enough director, and someone who will always fall on his feet in Hollywood. He starred with Willis in Die Hard 4.0, and obviously takes a relationship with him into this production. But, Smith saying he'd never direct someone else's script has gone out the window, obviously. Nothing has yet been revealed about the plot, but we'll bring you more as we find it.