After the huge success of the reboots of 'Jumanji', as well as 'Sonic The Hedgehog' with Jim Carrey, videogame adaptations might be experiencing a rare purple patch.

Indeed, Eli Roth's 'Borderlands' movie has already snagged Cate Blanchett in the role of Lillith, and has now announced Kevin Hart in the role of Roland. In a statement announcing Hart's casting, director Eli Roth said that Roland "is a different kind of role for (Hart), and we are excited to thrill audiences with a side of Kevin they’ve never seen before."

To be fair, he's not wrong. Roland is a pretty straight character in the game, and certainly doesn't have any of the comedic flair that Kevin Hart would be expected to bring to the role. That's not to say 'Borderlands' doesn't have humour or comedic moments - it absolutely does. It's more that it doesn't usually involve this character.

There's still no word yet on who'll be playing the lead villain, Handsome Jack, nor has any release date been set for the movie. The third instalment of the main franchise, 'Borderlands 3', was launched in 2019, while an updated version for the PS5 and Xbox Series was released in November of last year.

Here's the character introduction from 'Borderlands 2'.