Kenneth Branagh recently signed on to double-job on the Chris Pine led Jack Ryan reboot at Paramount Pictures - he'll direct and star as the villain - and spoke to the lovely folks at about where the film could be going - with the star, studio and producer all wanting to pull the film in different directions.

"The script is evolving still, but it’s been a really great process with David Koepp. All the key players are involved. Chris Pine has made tremendous contributions, as has Lorenzo di Bonaventura. He was with the franchise before. My job is guiding all that. I feel very, very happy with the way it’s going. I feel my job is basically to bring all those influences together in a piece that is about something very, very particular, thematically, and people seem happy with that. I think that a lot of exciting elements are finding a place where the film is happily, truly about something. When you get that under something that is also a page-turner and has a high adrenalin factor, I think that’s a nice combination. I have high hopes for the picture."

The film goes into production in September, with a release late next year beckoning.