Time to see what we've caught in our casting net this morning. Yes, fishing puns galore.

First up, we've learned that Dr. Fraiser Craine, otherwise known as Kelsey Grammer has joined to the long list of over-the-hill names for Sly Stallone's Expendables 3. Deadline reveal that Grammer's due to take on the role of Bonaparte, an ex-mercenary character originally intended for Nicolas Cage. Good oul Fraiser will be helping the lads in their mission to prove to themselves and everyone else that they've still got it (as well as whipping Mel Gibson's villainous ass).

Currently, Grammer's hard at work playing the bad guy in Transformers 4: Age of Extinction opposite our very own Jack Reynor and Mark Wahlberg. This should come as easy as riding a bike, given that he's already proven himself as tough-guy material, thanks to his role in Boss (which unfortunately was recently cancelled).