Keanu Reeves returned to his breakthrough role of late as Ted in threequel 'Bill & Ted Face the Music'. But of course that's not the only movie franchise the actor is renowned for.

Following 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure', Keanu Reeves became known as an action star in 'Speed'. Just a few years later, there was 'The Matrix' series.

More recently, Reeves has become synonymous with the titular assassin of the 'John Wick' franchise.

But they're not the only films Reeves is associated with.

There's 'The Devil's Advocate', 'Constantine', 'Point Break' and 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' as well.

Heck some of his work has needed only his voice, as 'Toy Story 4' demonstrated.

He has starred in romances like 'Something's Gotta Give' and 'The Lake House'.

Thus, whether he's leading them or in a supporting roles, the average moviegoer has likely seen a LOT of Keanu Reeves movies.

But if you're on the lookout for some hidden gems and performances of Reeves that you haven't had the pleasure of seeing yet, check these out.


To the Bone

Netflix movie 'To the Bone' was a personal project for many involved. Its star Lily Collins and writer-director Marti Noxon both struggled with eating disorders in their own lives. Collins plays a college dropout with anorexia and Keanu Reeves plays her doctor in a very affecting performance.


Destination Wedding

Just as 'The Lake House' saw Reeves reunite with his 'Speed' on-screen partner Sandra Bullock, 'Destination Wedding' saw him and 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' co-star Winona Ryder together again. The indie romantic comedy pretty much solely follows their cynical characters. who make friends at a wedding neither of them want to be at. Few duos could pull it off as charismatically as Reeves and Ryder.


Always Be My Maybe

Keanu Reeves absolutely steals the show in his two scenes in 'Always Be My Maybe', in which he plays himself. He comes between our protagonists Sasha (Ali Wong) and Marcus (Randall Kim), who you know are meant to end up together. But he's so damn handsome and charming, you can't help but almost hope that Sasha will stick with him. Below is one of his showstopping scenes.



Look, the fact that Keanu Reeves voices a kitten in this had us sold already. Then you throw in the fact that it's essentially a 'John Wick' parody, and a fun, laugh-out-loud funny, buddy-action-comedy starring the genius comic duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele of 'Key and Peele' fame. Yup, this is most definitely worth a watch.


The Neon Demon

As was the case with 'Keanu', the role Reeves plays in 'The Neon Demon' is actually quite small. But the film is so gorgeous, as well as bat sh*t crazy, that it's definitely recommended viewing. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (best-known for helming 'Drive' with Ryan Gosling), the film follows an aspiring model played by Elle Fanning. As well as inspiring those around her, she drives them to extremes through jealousy.