Keanu Reeves has put skeptics in their place by declaring that he is working on 'trying to get Bill & Ted 3'. He sparked hope during a Reddit AMA when he wrote, "There's a script and we are trying to put it together."

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was released back in the dark ages practically (in 1989) and it centred around two best friends, a pair of dim-witted metalheads and their journey throughout time via a phone booth. A sequel, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, was released in 1991.

Fans of the movies were thrilled when plans for a third Bill and Ted were announced in 2010 but doubts were raised in September this year when Reeves remarked in an interview with NME that "There's all sorts of stuff and it just can't - it's just - there's darkness out there that's keeping it from happening... It's that part of the story where it's looking grim. It's the dark period of the idea."

Well that dark period seems to have passed and with Alex Winter (Bill) on board there should be no problem getting it going. Winter was pretty optimistic about the film when he spoke to MTV News in March this year saying, "We built a story. They wrote a script. We're tinkering with the script to get it perfect. Then we will go get the money. Then we will shoot it. And that's really all there is to it."

So tinkering with the script and getting money and shooting the movie is alllll there is too it. Great, should be up an running in no time at all.