Keanu Reeves, when added to the right movie, can really make it into something special.

Take, for example, 'Always Be My Maybe' - it's a pretty standard Netflix romantic comedy, but you put a Keanu Reeves cameo in there and suddenly, everyone's talking about it. Likewise, you couldn't imagine anyone else in 'John Wick' or 'Bill & Ted', or even the likes of 'Speed' or 'Point Break'.

However, would he work, in say, 'Forrest Gump'? Thanks to deepfake technology, we now know what that might look like. And the answer, quite frankly, is horrifying and weird.

In this video produced by YouTube channel The Fakeining, it takes on the scene where adult Forrest Gump - played by Tom Hanks originally, now replaced by Reeves - describes seeing Jenny for the first time in his childhood. To make it even more weird, they even replaced the child Gump with Keanu Reeves' face.

That's not all. Watch the video and be horrified.