Adam Sandler is continue his trend of having hot other halves in his new movie, Jack and Jill, as it's been announced that Katie Holmes will star alongside him and Al Pacino in the comedy.

Sandler will play two roles in the Denis Dugan (Happy Gilmore, Grown Ups) directed flick, one of which will be the sister of the main character Jack - Jill. Nope, I'm not joking, we will get to see The Sandman rocking a skirt and some fake cleavage in the latest opus from his most trusted director.

It seems to be the better reviewed Sandler flicks (Punch Drunk Love, Funny People) are the worse they do at the box office. Grown Ups, meanwhile, has been torn asunder by scribes and is his biggest hit in years. You can't really blame him for not changing the formula too much, if his fans don't back him when he takes a risk.