Katie Holmes is getting the best reviews of her career for her directorial debut, All We Had.

The film is an adaptation of Annie Weatherwax’s popular book about a homeless mother with a drug and alcohol addiction. The film co-stars Stefania Owen as Holmes' daughter and she's an absolute ringer for the Dawson's Creek star.

Premeiring at The Tribeca Film Festival this week, The Guardian are calling Holmes' performance "a welcome revelation." The Hollywood Reporter called her work "strong" and pointed out that it's her best role since Pieces of April well over a decade ago.

At still just 37 years of age, Holmes is far from peaking as a movie star. Directing her own film and thus giving herself a stellar part was a smart move. She's always been talented and had a real warmth on screen, and given the incessant publicity her personal life has received, the fact that it's her work that is front and centre again must be pleasing.

There's no release date yet for Ireland (we don't even have a trailer), but we're looking forward to this.