Kate Middleton has beaten Rihanna and Beyonce to be voted Britain's Dream Bond Girl.

The Duchess of Cambridge beat a whole list of famous beauties including actresses, singers and models to be crowned the ideal sidekick for James Bond. The poll was taken by gadget website Menkind. A spokesman for Men kind said 'We were surprised to see that Kate Middleton was the woman Britain most wanted to see getting to grips with Bond and his gadgets.Although her grandmother-in-law has proved that the royals are a dab-hand at super spy action, when Bond escorted her to the Olympics. It is Her Majesty's Secret Service, after all.'

Its not the first time she she has been favourited as 007's sidekick, former bond girl Britt Ekland previously said she thought the duchess would have made a great Bond girl saying 'A Bond Girl has to be a superwoman. The Duchess of Cambridge would be perfect - she has a presence, is strong and feminine'

Kate also beat the likes of Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox and Scarlet Johansson to make it to the top spot.

1. Kate Middleton

2. Rihanna

3. Beyonce Knowles

4. Kim Kardashian

5. Cheryl Cole

6. Megan Fox

7. Kelly Brook

8. Jessie J

9. Scarlette Johansson

10. Kate Moss