And just like that, the cinema going public breathed a collective sigh of relief. We can just about handle the news that Ben Affleck will star as Batman himself; it took some getting used to but there are now many among you who are more than a little intrigued to see what he brings to the fore. But Justin Bieber, as Robin? Fear not; there's no lengths we won't go to to keep that little twerp from appearing in this movie. It's not happening, not even close.

An image found its way online, showing the teenage (pain in the arse) pop sensation alongside a copy of the script (that's not even finished yet, right?) for Warner Brothers' highly anticipated Batman Vs Superman. While few people in possession of a brain found this teaser to have any truth behind it, there was no doubt a sizeable group of amped up tweens weeping tears of joy into their Cheerios that it may in fact be a goer.

This morning we bring you the news that it was indeed all a hoax, much like the many deaths of Eddie Murphy. Funny or Die are believed to be behind the prank, as per The Wrap.

But what if David S Goyer and the folk at Warner Brothers all suffered a massive head trauma, for which the only side effect was that you'd cast people like Justin Bieber in movies as big as this? Stranger things have happened.

Alanis morissette as actual God in Dogma, anyone?