Ha! Bless his little cotton socks; Justin Bieber claims he was approached by movie makers to take the role of Christian Grey in the highly anticipated Fifty Shades flick. 'Cause he's really got that whole smouldering, irresistible yet terrifying sex god thing nailed. Of course they'd approach him.  No doubt he rocks Selena's world.

Thankfully, he's taking the piss.

"They actually want me to be in the movie," Bieber joked whilst being interviewed by Jonathan Ross. What has been hinted at however, and this probably isn't a joke, is that his 18 year old girlfriend Selena Gomez was considered as a potential candidate to take ont he role of Anastasia Steele thoug,h as per Digital Spy, she has no interest in pursuing this.

At some point folks, we're going to find out exactly who will take on these roles and no doubt it will result in quite the anti-climax. Until then, however, let the speculation continue. Who else can we throw into the mix of potential sexy sociopaths?

Fifty Shades of Grey is currently being developed by the folk at Universal Studios.