You might think that it's kind of crazy that 'Jungle Cruise' began its life as one of Disney's most well-known theme rides, but it's not the first and it probably won't be the last either.

'Pirates of the Caribbean', the billion-dollar movie franchise, was based solely on a theme park ride in Disneyland in the '60s, one of the last few theme park rides that Walt Disney was personally involved in. 'Jungle Cruise', meanwhile, is Disneyland's oldest attraction - opening on July 5th, 1955, the very first day of Disneyland.

With 'Jungle Cruise', it's taking the general gist of the ride - namely, taking a boat ride through the jungle rivers of the Amazon - and then expanding it out with the same formula that worked for 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. You've got Emily Blunt as a scientist searching for the fabled Tree of Life, Dwayne Johnson as the tough-as-nails boat captain taking them on the trip, and Jack Whitehall's in there as the sidekick to Blunt's scientist.

Given how 'Pirates of the Caribbean' was such a success, you can't blame Disney for trying to replicate the same. The question is, will it float or will it sink?

That's right. Nautical themes. Here's the trailer.