Yes, this is the same Julianne Moore who recently bagged herself an Academy Award for her role in Still Alice, along with many more prestigious accolades down the years. However, it seems Turkey doesn't quite find the star's acting skills up to scratch.

Moore was set to star in a promotional tourism film for the country called Home Of, which featured the actress reliving childhood memories of a trip to Turkey. The film was shot in LA and was due to be aired in Turkey in February of this year.

However, according to Hürriyet Daily News, the Culture and Tourism Ministry didn't approve of the actor's performance saying that due to Moore's 'poor acting' they needed to re-shoot. Although Moore has refused apparently so the film has been dropped.

They certainly are a fussy bunch in Turkey, aren't they? Come do a promo film for us Julianne! One take then down the pub - happy days.