A child star who suffered from long-term drug addiction and is remembered as the queen of comebacks; Judy Garland is an icon for a reason. Her endless list of classic movies such as Meet Me in St. Louis, A Star is Born and most notably The Wizard of Oz have cemented her star in the hall of fame more than any plaque or commemorative hand-print ever could.

For every Irish person The Wizard of Oz is an obligatory Christmas watch and a childhood favourite. This summer get closer to the star than you ever could have imagined by visiting the Newbridge Silverware Museum of Icons in Dublin to see their new temporary Garland display. The blue and white gingham pinafore costume worn by Garland in her most memorable performance as Dorothy, which recently sold for a record sum of $480,000 USD, is on display from May 22nd- July 31st.

The costume joins Garland's 'Manuela' ivory satin wedding dress from The Pirates (MGM 1948) which is part of the museum's permanent collection. The Newbridge Silverware Museum of Icons holds some of the world's most popular celebrities' costumes and personal effects. This latest Garland treasure joins collections from Marilyn Manroe, Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Barbara Streisand, Tippi Hedren, Ingrid Bergman, The Beatles, Michael Jackson and more.

Relive all your 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' moments or stand to be as heartless as the Tin Man. The attraction is open to all for the duration of the six weeks for free.