If you wanted proof that Joss Whedon's influence on Justice League is more than just "second-unit" stuff, this is pretty much it.

It's been confirmed by Warner Bros. that Whedon will receive a co-writing credit on the script for Justice League, in addition to his work on taking over production and reshoots of the film following Zack Snyder's exit.

Previous versions of press material had Whedon with a co-director's credit, however the official blurb on the film - as well as IMDb - now list Whedon as one of the screenwriters of the film. Whedon's credit echoes a lot of what happened on Rogue One, where Tony Gilroy was brought in during reshoots to take over reshoots and contributing scripts on set. Gilroy, like Whedon, was given a screenplay credit for his work - but not a co-director one.

Whedon's effect on the film has been felt already, even before he officially stepped onto set. The light-hearted tone and the humour visible in the trailers all feels reminiscent of his work on Avengers and so on, and that'll likely be more evident in the finished film.

Justice League hits Irish cinemas on November 17th.