Either Josh Gad is a masterful troll, or he's about the join Warner Bros.' DC Universe in some capacity. 

The Beauty and the Beast star tweeted out an image of The Penguin, one of the more iconic villains from Gotham city on Twitter overnight. 

Obviously this on it's own is very little to go on but couple it with the fact that he was also recently followed by upper level players in DC like Jon Berg and Geoff Johns and baby you got a stew goin'. 

The duo also both followed Joe Manganiello before he was announced as Deathstroke last year so it's not unreasonable to assume that we have a similar situation with Gad. 

Many fans are assuming that Gad will be cast as The Penguin for Matt Reeves' The Batman but there hasn't been any rumour before this that the Penguin would be in that Batman script. 

Another alternative could be that Gad will be lending his vocals to the character for a sequel to The Lego Batman movie. 

What are your thoughts? Would you be happy to see Gad take on the role last played on the big screen by Danny DeVito?

Via Uproxx