Even though Deadpool 2 isn't even out yet, the head honchos at Fox are clearly keen to lock Josh Brolin down for the future as it's been confirmed that he's signed on to play Cable three more times.

Speaking to Empire, Brolin explained that he "tried to think of Cable as a full arc, not just in this movie, but in the trajectory of four films. That made it a lot more fun for me." Interestingly, in the same interview, Brolin made it clear that franchises aren't his thing, and used his role as Thanos in the upcoming uber-blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War, to explain his reasoning.

"I don’t like the idea of a franchise, personally," Brolin said. "That’s what makes the Thanos thing really great. It’s a finite thing, and I like that." Buddy, you're in two of the biggest comic-book franchises this year. Think harder.

The exact nature of Brolin's three other appearances hasn't been confirmed as of yet, but it'll likely take the shape of an X-Force movie, probably a standalone one for him, and maybe a third Deadpool movie. Of course, given how quickly things shift in this industry - and the likelihood that the Disney / Fox merger could be completed within a year - it could even be extended out further.

Deadpool 2 hits Irish cinemas on May 15th.


Via Empire