Cantankerous but talented sort, Jonah Hill is to make his directorial debut with a black-listed script, according to

The film will be called The Kitchen Sink, and is about the "unlikely alliance between a high school-aged vampire, zombie and human as they try to save their town from invading aliens." It's an ambitious sounding first film for Hill, as the film blends numerous genres on a large scale. Oren Uziel wrote the script, which was black-listed by Hollywood agents a while back - meaning they thought it was one of the best unproduced scripts of the year. He's also been tasked with writing a new Mortal Kombat film.

I think Jonah Hill is a very funny and talented guy. I've met him a couple of times - he's not that funny in person. Anyhow, he next has 21 Jump Street and Moneyball with Brad Pitt due out.