Jonah Hill will join Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese's adaptation of the bestselling book, The Wolf of Wall Street, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Hill will play DiCaprio's business partner in the film, Danny Porush, a furniture salesman who joined his "meteoric rise and colossal fall". Based on a true story, DiCaprio's stockbroker ultimately spent 20 months in the slammer for his crimes; his story was loosely chronicled in the enjoyable star-packed drama from a few years ago, Boiler Room. Scorsese has been circling this one for a while, and DiCaprio is long keen to play a morally corrupt Wall Street type - he chased the lead role in American Psycho way back when.

I can't imagine anyone being a fan of cinema and not anticipating this movie with baited breath. These guys have made some cracking productions together - the last of which was the box-office smash, Shutter Island.