Swingers writer/star and sometime blockbuster director Jon Favreau has been speaking to The LA Times about Iron Man 2 and what direction he sees the character going in

"The fact that our hero has no secret identity - that opens up a lot of things for us creatively," he spewed. "The superhero genre has been picked over pretty thoroughly with all the different titles, sequels, reboots. It's tough to keep it fresh and not do something that is derivative of something someone else has done. By taking a left turn at the end of the first film and making him a public figure, it opened it up to a whole lot of new possibilities. It goes beyond your standard secret identity/caped crusader model."

I don't think anyone was expecting that announcement at the end of the first film, and Favreau is right, it does give the sequel a certain freshness. Trailer is slick, and the buzz about this one has already begun before the May release date. Looking forward to it.