Anyone who's seen 'Joker' knows it's heavy going.

'Joker' hit cinemas last weekend to major box office success meaning a tonne of you guys reading this have seen it.

At the very least, you've probably seen the trailer. And if so, you know that Joaquin Phoenix's laugh in the title role is pretty nightmarish.

A laugh is funny, right? But as the Todd Phillips helmed-drama makes out, a laugh can be sinister and even tragic.

With all the hype around the movie, there's no surprise that it's getting the meme treatment. And said meme is giving the movie a lighter touch.

It all began with @ryanheezy sharing a video of Phoenix from the movie walking down the hall and laughing. But the actor's laugh has been replaced by that of Seth Rogen.

It works really well. Thus, naturally, people have been inspired to make their own using the laughs of various celebrities and famous characters.

Here are the best we've seen so far of "the joker but he laughs like..." on Twitter.

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