Anticipations have been high for Todd Phillips’ take on the Joker – here’s everything you need to know about it – with Joaquin Phoenix taking on the title role. However between Alec Baldwin quitting the movie and this latest, it’s gaining something of a bad rep.

Some footage and photographs emerged from the production a few weeks ago, revealing that some of the scenes are going to be set in the underground subway system.

Now reports have emerged (a la Variety via TMZ) that extras on the set of ‘Joker’ were locked on subway cars in Brooklyn for more than three hours last weekend, forcing some to urinate on the tracks through the small space between cars.

Extras were denied their break after two hours of work and started banging on the subway doors asking to be let out, but they were kept inside and eventually resorted to relieving themselves on the tracks. One of the extras complained to SAG-AFTRA about an alleged violation of rules.

The union had no comment, but a source familiar with the incident confirmed a complaint was made regarding a break violation and a SAG-AFTRA rep went immediately to the set.

The situation was resolved, with SAG said to be continuing to follow up and monitor the set, while Warner Bros has told TMZ that it is also looking into the incident.

The upcoming movie co-stars Robert De Niro, Marc Maron, Brett Cullen and ‘Deadpool 2’ star Zazie Beetz.

‘Joker’ is slated for release in Irish cinemas on October 4th, 2019.