Despite some polarising reviews and a general vibe of controversy surrounding it, 'Joker' has managed to smash the box office record held by 'Venom' for highest October opening weekend in the US.

All told, 'Joker' pulled in $93.5 million on its opening weekend in the US, easily blasting past 'Venom' and its $80 million box office opening weekend last year. The movie is already well on its way to the Oscars, having snagged the Venice Film Festival's Golden Lion Award, and with the movie now on general release and with this kind of money behind it, there's little doubt that you'll be seeing it in play at the Oscars.

Globally, 'Joker' fared just as well and made $140.5 million across 22 territories, bringing its box office global total to $234 million. Considering how the production budget was a little over $55 million - and that's leaving out marketing and distribution - 'Joker' is already well on its way to being a box office smash. For a movie that has no CGI battles, moves at a slow enough pace, and apart from the lead role and Robert DeNiro's character features no name-recognition actors, that's a pretty solid opening weekend.

Happy faces all round then for Todd Phillips, Joaquin Phoenix and Warner Bros.