In case you haven't read our review of John Wick, we're fans. Big, big fans.

Directors Chad Stohelski and David Leitch - two former stunt-doubles for Keanu Reeves - are now hot property, thanks to the glowing reviews for John Wick as well as the box office success of the film.

As we know, DC Comics / Warners are ramping up production on their own films, with a view to aping Marvel / Disney's strategy of throwing out films before one, giant team-up movie.

As we know, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (still can't get used to that) will introduce the likes of Wonder Woman, Aquaman and possibly a few others to the eventual roster, so obviously these characters are going to need spin-off films of their own.

It's not yet known which film Leitch and Stohelski will take on, but it's understood that they're looking at a range of options.

We spoke to Keanu Reeves about the possibility of a John Wick sequel. Although he didn't rule it out, Reeves mentioned that the directors want to make sure there's a convincing enough script to warrant making another film.

Take a look at that interview here, if you like.


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