Horror flick A Quiet Place is currently taking the box office by storm and proving a hit with moviegoers despite the fact that you can't make a single sound in the theatre for fear of distracting from the heart-stopping suspense.

Those that have watched the movie though may have had one or two questions about just how folk were supposed to get away with containing certain bodily functions without being ripped apart by an alien.

Director and star John Krasinski has cleared that up however and confirmed that yes, you could indeed fart in the world of A Quiet Place, just you know, keep it in a bit.

Speaking to The AV Club, Krasinski said: "Noah [who played Marcus] was our sounding board for a lot of this. He said, 'What happens if we need to cough?' And I said, 'Well you guys would know to pick up a pillow and cough into the pillow.'

"I only imagine now little Noah putting a pillow on his behind and farting into a pillow, knowing that it would save his life."

He added: "Just try to crop-dust. As long as they're not loud and violent, you're going to be fine."

There you have it, you gassy folk out there may have survived longer than you thought.

Loud sneezers and snorers, I'm afraid there would not have been much hope for you.